Surfing internet safely ( anonymizer)

As I received many messages that asking me how to surf internet safely and anonymously ? So, this is for you folks !!

Think your online activities are private? Think
Not only are your surfing sessions tracked by
websites, search engines and social networks, but
often your Internet service provider (ISP), web
browser, government and potentially hundreds of
online tracking companies.
Whether it’s to collect valuable (I mean sellable)
marketing data or prevent terrorist activity, movie
piracy or kiddie porn, everything you think you’re
doing privately in the comfort of your home is
anything but private.
But just because you want to spend time online
anonymously doesn’t mean you’re a
cybercriminal or have something to hide. Not
only do regular folks want privacy, but remaining
anonymous can also protect yourself from
malicious types out to steal your identity for
financial gain — from spammers and scammers
And most importantly your IP
ADRESS is being tracked by almost all sites and recorded in database. And if you are one of techie guy then you must know that each and every remote hacking is possible with IP adress.
So,what to do in this type of worst case scenario ?
Many people think about proxies in this case or using etc. But believe me no work is that much messy or bulky than setting up proxies in your browser. In some cases , they also give problems ,too . So,what to do ?


When you surf the web, your life is an open book. Not only can you be tracked by
techniques such as cookies, but even your IP address leaves behind digital tracks
that can be used to identify you and invade your privacy. If protecting your privacy
is important and you’re willing to pay for it, Anonymizer Universal may buy you
some peace of mind. At £50 per year, it’s not a decision to make on a whim.
Anonymizer Universal uses Virtual Private Networking technology to keep your IP
address private. In addition, it encrypts all of your communications as your data
travels across the internet, using L2TP/IPSec, in essence creating a secure,
encrypted tunnel for you. It’s also useful for those who use public Wi-Fi hot spots
and are thus justifiably worried about their privacy. As with your desktop PC, it
creates a VPN connection and encrypts all of your communications.
Anonymizer Universal has practically no interface. Run the program and click a
connect button and that’s it. Apart from a screen that lets you customise whether
to launch it at startup and whether to automatically connect, you won’t see
anything else apart from a system tray icon, and a screen that appears when you
double-click the icon telling you if you’re connected or not. In fact, that’s one of
the program’s strengths. Run it, connect and you’re protected.
You may experience some setup problems with Anonymizer Universal. If you
receive an error message that you can’t install the software, try installing again
and uncheck the boxes next to Add shortcuts to Desktop and Quick Launch. That
might solve your problem. In addition, some firewalls or anti-malware software
may not allow Anonymizer Universal to connect. I experienced a conflict between
Anonymizer Universal AVG Internet Security and had to temporarily disable AVG
to work around it.
Many of would rather give up an idea of surfing internet safely than giving money to this site . So , what to do ? In this case . A russian equivalent websites comes into the picture. When your free subscription period will over , just switch to “WWW.ANONYMIZER.RU “.
As you can see , this is basically russian equivalent of which do all work of it !! What you need is just type the websites URL into ANONYMIZER.RU ‘S search box and click on whatever looks like GO button . you will be logged into that site safely and no data or IP adress will be recorded . As i said earlier , it do same work as that of
So , guys …. When you will sit on internet , just firstly check ANONYMIZER.RU and then use sites through it .
Note : Some famous sites (ex. Google , youtube )  open through this websites will be in russian( but actually its not that much terrible fact . Just change the websites language to english and then enjoy them !! ).( I guess they must be thinking that we are somewhere in russia. Cool , isn’t it ? )
So , This is how you will make your internet surfing safe , anonymous , secure !!


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