FIX: Can’t Find and upgrade Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 Store

 Just yesterday, that is on 17/10/2013 Microsoft has released their new successor OS Windows 8.1 of Windows 8. Still They have provided option to upgrade from Windows Store. So that you can upgrade your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 from Windows store. That update is around 2GB to 4GB according to the Edition of the Windows 8 and respective architecture .

So to to download and update you can Watch this video :

Troubleshooting :
Refer this video to fix the problem ,  Can’t Find and upgrade Windows 8.1. :

But if you have problem with the update/upgrade and you can not find the Windows 8.1 upgrade in Windows Store then you have to perform following steps.
Because not everyone have clean update to it. You may encounter a problem to upgrade like me. So its Easy to troubleshoot the problem you must see the below for upgrading :

Though Windows 8.1 update is available to download and install from the Store, your PC needs another update, KB 2871389 (they have mentioned KB 2871839 on Microsoft website i think its typo.), before Windows 8.1 becomes available to you in the Store.

If you have enabled Automatic updates so it will be updated automatically.

If not then you have to update it manually from Windows Update.
To install and fix the problem see the video above.
Also Microsoft have mentioned that :

Some editions of Windows 8 don’t support the free update to Windows 8.1. These include:

  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Editions of Windows 8 Pro that are installed by enterprises using KMS activation
  • Editions of Windows 8 that are installed using an MSDN ISO, and activated using multiple activation keys

If you’re running one of these editions, you can’t install the free update to Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 from the Store.

If you installed Windows 8 using an MSDN ISO, you might be able to install Windows 8.1 using a similar ISO from MSDN.

Also, Windows 8.1 ISO installation that is new installation does not support the Windows 8 product keys whether they are genuine .  😛

If still problem persist, try to clear cache of Windows Store. To clear cache of Windows store refer this Video :

Is still you have some issues you can go here on Microsoft site for detailed guide.

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